Lommer is a design studio based in Greece with its own production line in Athens. The brand was founded in 2015 by the two product designers Danai Gavrili & Alkioni Matsourdeli. Lommer as a brand name stands as an acronym from the words (we) LOve Materials (and we) MEet Requirements, which is the philosophy that the brand is standing for.

After extensive Research & Development in different materials and designs that would distinguish globally, Lommer managed to develop a unique version of E.V.A. material, based on the brand’s specific requirements. Combining that with unexpected materials such as seatbelts, sailing ropes, metallic chains, and PVC handles, leads to eye-catching end-products.

The minimal aesthetics, the wearable & timeless design and the continuous experimentation with materials are all the reasons that Lommer continues to grow and prosper. Creating a whole experience, Lommer lets customers be part of the process. By offering some extra parts independently, the bag owner can choose and change these parts, creating unique combinations.

Two of the many reasons why Lommer is a contemporary and powerful brand are the two design awards that it has already acquired. The A’ Design Award in 2016 for one of its first designs (EvaTwo) and the International Design Award (IDA17) for the urban backpack (EvaPack) prove that the brand has created design statements and the possibilities for the future are countless.